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I Love the Way

I Love the Way you speak to me as though I were a child— comfortingly, reassuringly.


I Love the Way I trust you—completely, unflinchingly as a child

At those moments.


I Love the Way you walk into a place ready to get what you want, when you want it, and how you get it . . . with a smile and a thank you.

I Love the Way you flash your boyish, cheeky grin and the way your perfectly white teeth light up your face . . . and a room.

I Love the Way our full lips match comfortably with a kiss.

I Love the Way your hair feels— not conformed to fit a fad or a fashion, but to fit an ever-timely classic.  You.

I Love the Way your thighs feel like steel bands, as I trace a knowing finger down their length and back up again.

I Love the Way you look when I know . . . and you know . . . that for that moment, I am making you perfectly happy.

I Love the Way your gushing passion does not fill me up; because all your passion in its entirety would never be enough.

I Love the Way you so quickly recognize a need and expect only the very best from yourself and others.

And I Love . . . I mean I REALLY Love the Way I . . . am the most wonderful person I can be-- when I’m with you.

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